These Workshops show me different techniques used by other photographers, methodology, the latest news, and the way see and feel. my intention is to constantly grow, soak each vision but always conscious and seeking my own way and firm, honing my own style and personal growth. All these courses will help me accurately manage all times, regardless of difficulties encountered, the prior art will be part of my body and will act leaving innate sensitivity and beauty of the moment show at its best.


Nov 2015

Fer Juaristi

Fer Juaristi

Workshop conducted in Latin photo Festival Santiago, many and large exhibitors, enjoy a lot of Francisco Montoro, Susana Barberá both of Spain. Natalia Roca of Argentina, Raul Goycoolea Chilean reporter.


Feb 2016

Monica Muñoz


Congress of Family Photography, visual illusion called Magic made in Concepción, Chile.